Barn Cats

Not all cats are suitable for adoption into homes - but they can be unsafe in colonies where they are not wanted or cared for.  They can be massively beneficial to homesteads, barns, shops or warehouses.  They are not just stray cats that linger, they can be far more valuable than that! See below for some of the many benefits of Barn Cats!


They Make Great Friends

Barn cats are not necessarily great companions for the farmer, but they are often great companions to other animals. This will depend greatly upon their personal disposition that does vary from animal to animal.

However, in our experience, barn cats take up with the dog and a few goats too.

I wouldn’t invest in a barn cat for this purpose alone, but it could be a nice bonus to having a barn cat around.


They Eat Bugs

This is definitely a reason to invest in keeping a barn cat around. If you have a homestead or a barn, then you have bugs.

So if you’d like to keep those bugs at a minimum, then a barn cat could potentially help you with that. Most cats enjoy hunting and killing their prey.

Well, bugs fall into that category. So if you are being overrun with pests, then a barn cat could potentially fix that issue for you.


Barn Cats are Low Maintenance

Barn cats are rather low maintenance animals. They require feeding, a warm safe place and a few shots to keep them disease free.

Beyond that, they need very little and usually give a whole lot back. You don’t get a whole lot lower maintenance than keeping cats around your barn.


They Make Great Exterminators

Rodents such as rats, mice, or anything else that we might randomly come across inside feed bins can be a significant nuisance to any property.

We should begin by keeping these critters at bay by storing feed inside big metal barrels that make it more difficult for rodents to eat their way through. But sadly, that probably won’t do the trick at keeping them away for good. This is where having a barn cat around comes in handy.

Keep a couple of cats around your property, and you’ll likely find that your rodent population will begin to decline.


They Will Save a Farm Money

One might think that another animal will only cost more money and it is true that a barn cat will still need proper care.

But they will save money too. With each rodent they eat and each bug they deter, then that is one less pest that is consuming your feed and destroying your facilities.

Feed and property are costly. So if you compare how much money you’ll save in lost feed and repairing or replacing things in comparison to giving a cat or cats shots once a year, the savings pile up quickly.

Give an Orphaned Animal a Home

Most barn cats are usually stray or orphaned cats that have nowhere else to live. Yet, if you give them a home in your barn or shop, then these cats now have a place to call home and a purpose. 

This saves a life and helps control the ferile cat population. Habitat for Cats loves relocating otherwise homeless cats for this exact purpose. We can help you choose an exact fit for your needs. They will earn their keep!